Tom & Jerry's Mini Golf

Batting Cages

Tom and Jerry's features 6 fully automatic, mono pole, batting cages including 3 hard ball and 3 slow-pitch soft ball. It's the perfect way to improve your batting skills outside of team practice. Impress your teammates with an improved perfect form, improved stats and more home runs! Batting cages are also fun for anyone who just wants to try hitting the ball a couple times.

Pitch Speed

We have 3 slow pitch softball cages (all one speed) and 3 hardball cages (one each of 45 mph, 55 mph and 65mph).

Batting Cage 2017 Rates

Each token is worth 15 pitches.

1 token : $1.50
4 tokens : $5.00
20 tokens (VIP Card) : $20.00

Sorry, we do not accept debit or credit cards.

Tom & Jerry's Mini Golf

Putter Up!

After you finish swinging the bat, try your luck at either of our two mini golf courses!

Tom & Jerry's Mini Golf